The Stress of Hospitalizations

Being hospitalized is a stressful event, regardless of whether or not you suffer with a mental illness. Underlying or new behaviors present in the presence of stress and unfortunately sometimes these behaviors can be expressed in an aggressive or violent manner. Although there is not a lot of research about stress related to a hospitalization or illness, for anyone that has been hospitalized or experienced the unknowing that accompanies a new diagnosis, this stress is well understood.

For those struggling with depression, anxiety, or another mental illness, the impact of stress can have catastrophic consequences. There is great importance in developing effective coping skills and learning about your resources during the hospitalization so that these skills and resources can be utilized effectively at discharge (Leon-Perez et al., 2016). The BRT is here to offer support to patients who are struggling, or unable to cope, with their hospitalization, while maintaining the safety of all at GHS.

Link to research article (Leon-Perez et al., 2016):

Effects of stress, health competence, and social support on depressive symptoms after cardiac hospitalization



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